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Computer Explorations In Signals And Systems Using Matlab Solution Manual




pdf PADP-084 PDS NUCLEAR TANKS AND PLUGGED-IN CONNECTORS Defects are a big concern when it comes to the long-term durability of nuclear reactors. This presentation describes the operations performed on the Thermal-Hydraulics Test Facility. It presents the equipment on which the experiments are performed, and how they are used to test the reliability of plug-in connectors and mechanical joint systems. It will show how the connection and disconnection of components in the facility are controlled from inside the facility. It will also show the use of hydraulic plugs for the temporary plug-in connections and how such plugs are designed to cope with certain types of failure. The last section of the presentation will discuss the results of tests performed on the facility. PADP-086 ROLE OF VERTICAL TUBES IN PROTECTING AN ORGANIC LAYER IN WATER RESERVOIRS Taking into account anisotropy of the natural porous medium, a model of the vertical tubes in the reservoir is proposed. The flow parameters of the liquid phase are obtained using numerical simulation of the flow system. Results of the numerical analysis of the system include both, the physical parameters and the functional parameters. The last part of the presentation includes some examples of vertical tubes used in the field of waterworks. PADP-087 BIODEGRADATION OF ALUMINUM ALLOY IN INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENT Determining the factors responsible for the biodegradation of aluminum alloy is of the utmost importance. Biodegradation of aluminum alloy is a limiting factor of the use of aluminum alloys in the form of pipe for drinking water distribution system. Some special alloying elements like nickel are usually added to the aluminum alloys to make them less prone to corrosion. These elements are, however, also biodegradable and must be considered during the development of the new pipe. This paper is devoted to the investigation of the biodegradation process of the alloy AA6061 in the conditions of drinking water distribution systems with and without the addition of nickel to the alloy. The biodegradation has been studied at the laboratory scale in aerated systems and in systems without oxygen supply. Biodegradation tests with the system containing iron and/or manganese at the iron concentrations typical for drinking water distribution systems were conducted in a laboratory-scale aerated system, in a closed container and in a flow system with forced




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Computer Explorations In Signals And Systems Using Matlab Solution Manual

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